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The "Knockout Game" has to stop NOW!!


((Before reading this; watch the link above))

I like violence as much as the next guy: as long as it’s fiction!!  I don’t know who or what caused the arise of a sick “game” called: “Knockout” but since I saw this video, I was immediately outraged.  This has to be the most senseless and stupidest amusement created in the history of mankind.  It defies all logic when a crime is supposed to have a motive.  There is just no motive to kill a stranger who happens to walk peacefully minding their own business.

Is it being a macho to hit a woman from the behind while she is being no threat to anybody?  What’s so funny in hitting a man who’s alone and hasn’t done any harm to anybody?  Is there any point in hitting a man who is homeless and trying to survive the hazards of life?  What kind of monsters are the teenagers turning out to be?  They honestly deserve to be put into Haggar’s lab and just be king-sized because they are already transformed into robeasts.

Where are their parents?  What are they teaching them?  Where are YOUR kids?  Who are they hanging with?  Where do they go and what are they doing?

There is something called RESPECT; and it’s something that has to be given so it can be earned.  So, this is my rant about the “knockout” game.  I completely despised it and I hope that karma follows every little SON OF A BITCH that dares to “play” it!!

Be sure to give thanks for your life, your loved ones and live each moment to the fullest. Have a safe and joyful Thanksgiving with family and friends!



I have done something nerdy, weird and just...unexplainable.  Last Saturday I found out about the death of "Glee" actor Cory Monteith.  When young actors die, I assume they were doing something wrong, like drugs, alcohol and stuff like that.  Well, I was right on this case.  But that's not the problem here; I had no idea what was "Glee" all about.  When I read the news about this young actor's passing; it didn't affect me at all.  I had no idea who he was and as like any other news, when the member of a TV cast dies, the internet posts a video of that TV program. Well they posted one of the cast of "Glee" singing "Don't stop believing" from Journey.  As an 80's music lover, that woke up my curiosity.  When I watched that video, I was in awe.  That was the best rendition of Journey's masterpiece that I have ever heard. Ever.  Those actors sang it so boldly and awesome that I just had to hear more.
I started searching more videos of "Glee" where the cast appeared singing 80's hits like "Hit me with your best shot" mashed up with "One way or another" and Journey medleys.  I was totally and completely mesmerized.  I just had to keep listening and watching so I went to Netflix.  Much to my enjoyment, the first 3 seasons of "Glee" were available to stream.  Patience is not one of my virtues, so during this week I saw those 3 seasons of "Glee"; the fourth season was still not available.
Yes, I turned into a "gleek".  So what?  Sue me.  Now that I know what was the fuzz all about; I got sad about Cory Monteith's passing. Today is a week that he was found dead.  It's a shame that he had to die for me to find out about his art.  But like so many artists before him like Heath Ledger, Whitney Houston and others, all we can do is appreciate what they did and learn from their lives that life is short and that we have to enjoy one day at a time.   Like that song that Finn and Rachel sang in Season 4 (Kenny Rogers and Sheena Easton's hit) "We have tonight, who needs tomorrow".
Enjoy life and live long.


Living on a prayer - OOC

My heart & prayers for the victims and families of the Boston bombings.  At moments like these we learn about what evil is capable of…but we can also learn about what mercy, faith and solidarity can really accomplish when people get together.  Let’s not forget that when tragedies like these struck us, even if not expected nor wanted, these make us stronger, humble and sensible at pain and loss.  Let’s not question why do tragedies happen….let’s better ask ourselves what we can do to help others.  Only then, this planet will be a better place to live…

Long live Boston, America and the world!


I'm looking for brave humans!

And I want them to like the following page!  It seriously needs to reach the 300 likes or more.  It’s a troll exterminator.  Can you help me reach that goal?

Go ahead…open this page and Click on Like.  It’s that simple!


About that Doom's day...

Yeah it's the interplanetary day that us doomites celebrate in Planet Doom.  Fireworks, fights in the arena, heads on pikes and all....every true doomite loves that day.  But it has become the trend in Planet Earth these days.  Humans are so entertaining...and so gullible. 
Thinking that a calendar made by ancient indians predicts the end of the world...only humans could be so stupid.  But I do hope those indians were right for a change.  Even if they were not; Doom should still conquer that wretched planet Earth. 

So how was your day?

47 is just a number....(OOC)

Well, it's my birthday...what's left of it anyway.  The day has been peaceful, I spent it with the people I love.  There's nothing better than spending a day with the closest people you got.  My family has been wonderful...even if they're not perfect.  But what family is perfect after all?  I'm still 3 years away of reaching the half century...my life has been good.  I've made some serious mistakes, but...I've learned a lot.  And I still have much to learn yet...

I visited my grandmother today.  She will be 95 in December.  She recently fell again and now she is bedridden.  By the conversation I had with her; she holds many grudges against a lot of people.  I guess she still has a lot to learn too...  I just hope she can let all that hate go before Death comes looking for her.  Life with grudges is no life at all...  I recently read a thought that someone posted on FB.  I liked it a lot.  It was in spanish but it basically said: "The most difficult words to say are: "otorrinolaringologo, acidorribonucleico and forgive me". 

It is so hard for some people to forgive...that they would rather live with grudges for the rest of their lives.  They will never know what freedom is...  Even if it's difficult; it's better to live free of hatred.  I'm so happy that I had that last conversation with my dad before he died.  My grandmother was still saying things that my father supposedly felt before he died.  She is wrong.  I talked to him, he died in peace, proud of us,  forgiving us and most of all...loving us.  She didn't know her own son....

I guess age is irrelevant.  Some people will never outgrow important feelings.  But there was this guy who lived a long time ago and He said that we have to be like children. He knew what He was talking about. Children can have differences and even fight, but then, they just make up and keep playing like nothing ever happened.  Why do we lose the faculty of forgiving??  Life would be easier...we would be happier.

Well, that's a lesson that I've learned in these 47 years on this earth.  I hope I still learn much more.  Life is precious...if we want it to be...


Aaaah the pain!

It has come to this...  I've been suffering from a toothache for some weeks now.  Well, this week the pain was intolerable.  Everytime I eat, it really hurts.  I can hardly bite anything hard, cold or hot...everything hurts.  I've lost too much weight because of that... and I wasn't overweight to start with.  So today I went to the dentist who referred me to a surgeon.  My wisdom teeth just have to go.  I've got an infection.  I've been avoiding this for quite some time but now I can't fight against it any longer. 

I should be accustomed to losing battles, thanks to that dreaded Voltron.  But when the battle is within my own body, it hurts more and the decision making is tougher.  Well, I gotta do what I gotta do.  It's me or the two wisdom teeth.  Of course...I will always choose me!

The Comic Me...

Today I seriously believe that the worst Lotor haters lead by my most hated foe Smithy work at WEP.  Or maybe it's one of those members or the Voltron Forum who make recommendations to the artists of the comic book.  This is horrible!  They must hate me so much... they have treated me like shit since June 2011.  Almost no air time in the new show, resurrecting me like South Park's Kenny, making me butt ugly as hell...and then they kill me squashed under a tentacle.  Can I stand more humiliations?  Be my witness now...

I get no respect anymore, I'm so disappointed...

Whenever I feel like wanting to hate someone and pick up a fight just for the fuel of it making me feel feisty and alive….I read the Official Voltron forum in Voltron.com.  I get soo mad at reading the posts there that I get on character everytime.  It helps me keep Doom alive whenever I go, hehehe.

Warning for really long rant and lots of cursing!Collapse )